FBI Apostille Approved Channelers

Every month, we process hundreds of FBI background checks issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI Channeler) and signed by the Section Chief, William G. McKinsey.  If you are planning to live, work, adopt, get married, or travel to a foreign country, you may be asked to provide an Apostille on a FBI Criminal Background Check.


The first step in obtaining your FBI Background Check is to contact an FBI Approved Channeler.  An FBI channeler will provide you step by step instructions including sending you a fingerprint card.  Once you receive your background check, you can then mail-in this document to our Washington DC apostille office for processing.

Here is a short video that explains the process:

Here are a few FBI channelers you can call with questions on obtaining your background check:

National Credit Reporting

Accurate Biometrics

(773) 685-5699

TRP Associates, LLC dba ID Solutions
(877) 885-1511

You will first need to contact one of the companies listed above in order to start the process.  They will instruct you on what steps you will need to take in order to obtain your FBI Background Check results.  You will also need to request a letter by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (Biometric Services Division) signed by the Section Chief, William G. McKinsey.  Click here to see the example of the letter.  Please note that this letter can either be mailed to your location or emailed to you.  If the document has been emailed to you, please print-out a color copy and mail this form with our order form and credit card authorization form to our office.